Juweria Ali, Ogaden Youth and Student Union – UK

The two-day PeaceCapacity workshop in London provided an enriching experience bringing together Ogaden diaspora youth from across the UK. The event facilitated intensive dialogue and discussions on the role of youth participation in peace processes. In the context of a deeply complex and intractable conflict such as the Ogaden, it was refreshing for us to be able to reflect on the role of historically marginalised groups in shaping peace processes and consider concrete ways in which we could actively participate in such processes both in the Horn of Africa and in the diaspora. Discussions on the work carried out by Conciliation Resources also provided context and further insight into the various actors involved in actual peacebuilding initiatives. At Ogaden Youth and Student Union, following the workshop we have begun implementing the various action points that we discussed and agreed upon. For instance, we have formulated a new social media and outreach strategy to strengthen our advocacy and awareness initiatives, and to expand our reach. We have seen the positive impacts of this already and hope to continue implementing the action points from the workshop to further foster Ogaden youth participation in the Ogaden peace process.